Installing WordPress on a new Server

Submitted by Rajasekhar on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 11:53

Installing WordPress on a new server

  1. Create a Subdomain. Go to CPanel Admin -> Domains -> Subdomains.


  1. Note, For WordPress no need to create Database and user. While Installing WP, Those are automatically created by software.
  2. Install a new WordPress site. Go to Applications -> WordPress Manager -> Create an installation.


  • Select Domain as shown below and click on Install.


  • Admin credentials will be created by the system automatically. See below image.

  1. As mentioned in the 2nd point, The Database and User automatically generated by the system while installing. To check this go to Databases -> MySQL Databases.

  1. Now access the site using site address. Check the site is loading properly or not.

  1. That’s it, the site is live now. You can make changes to the website as required.
  2. To log in as admin. Type sitename/wp-admin.


  • This is the WordPress backend view for making site changes or updates. Simply say Administration panel for WordPress.