Creating a Quiz Application in WP

Submitted by Rajasekhar on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 11:59


Plugin: Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Builder.


Please follow below steps to install and create a Quiz.

  1. Install Quiz Cat plugin. Go to Admin -> Plugins -> Add New.


  1. Click on Install Now. After Installed click on Activate. Now you will see the Quiz Cat tab on Admin panel as shown below.


  1. Connect to Quiz Cat API to get all access functionality of Quiz Cat. For that click on Quiz Cat. (Just click on continue if any connect popup appears, for me didn’t appear).
  2. Create a WP Quiz. Click on Add New to add your first QUIZ.
  • Provide a Quiz Name, Description and also add image.


  • Add your questions.


  1. You can add more questions by clicking on Add as shown below.

  1. Results tab will show the number of correct answers on completion of the quiz - Add your results based on the number of correct answers.

  1. You can preview the Quiz using Save & Preview button.

  1. Now the Quiz page looks like below image shows.

  • Test attempt to Start Quiz. Please see below screens as how the quiz looks like on live.

  • If you click on the answer, you will get the next question automatically. And you can see below as at what question you are present.


  • So, on answering the last question you will get redirected to Results page automatically. And it shows full Results of Quiz.


  1. If you want to show answer for each question attempt. Please go to Edit Quiz -> Settings. Now set Hide answers as NO. As shown below.

  • Now do again Test attempt. Please observe below screens. Now you will get Result screen for every question. To answer the next question click on Next.




  1. Finally, if you want to show this quiz on any other page or in post. Just use the shortcode to place the quiz in required place on the website.

  1. For example, If you want to show this Hello World post. Please copy that code and paste it in Hello Word post.