Installing Quizzes or Surveys Plugin and Creating a new Quiz on WordPress

Submitted by Rajasekhar on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 12:56

Installing Quizzes or Surveys Plugin and Creating a new Quiz.

  1. Install Quizzes or Surveys plugin on WP. Go to Plugin -> Add New -> Search for the plugin.


  1. Click on Install Now and activate the plugin. After plugin activated the Quizzes/Surveys tab is available on Dashboard.


  1. Create a Quiz, Go to Quizzes/Surveys -> Add New. Now enter name for quiz and click on Save.



  1. You have created a Quiz page successfully. As shown below.


  1. Now add questions to quiz. Click on Edit and add questions using Create New Page option. As shown below.


  1. Adding first question, click on Create New Page.
  2. Now select Question Type then add Question and answers as shown below.


  1. Now click on Save Question. Like this you can add more questions with different question types to this quiz.


  1. After adding all Questions click on Save Questions and Pages tab to add questions to Quiz successfully.
  2. Also you can add more pages to each quiz and we can add number of questions for each page. For example, in below image, we have two pages, one page with 5 questions and other is 3 questions. As an order when you are attempting quiz first you need to attempt first page then second page. Or else you can navigate to any page using Next and Previous tabs. See below image.