User and Permission management in Moodle

Submitted by Rajasekhar on Fri, 11/16/2018 - 08:44

Users tab - Go to Admin -> Site Administration -> Users. Here you can manage all Users, Roles and their Permissions in Moodle.

Add a User:

  1. Go to Users tab following the above-mentioned path.


  1. Click on Add a new user option under the Accounts tab. See the above image.
  2. Fill all the required fields with a new username and details. See below screenshots as a practical workout.




  1. After filling all new user details click on Create user. It will take you to all users page, shows available users in your Moodle site.


  1. You can add users as many by click on Add a new user option as above.
  2. Using Accounts option you can add a new user, set default preferences, set fields and also can upload users list from other resources.


To set User Permissions:

  1. Go to the Permissions tab under Users by following the above-mentioned path.


  1. Using the Permissions section, you can add user policies, set site admin preferences etc.
  2. User policies – You can edit User Roles on-site access or content access and User fields.


  1. Site administrators – You can set potential users as site administrators using add or remove options.


  1. Define roles – You can add, modify, and delete any role. For example, click on Manager Role to see manager settings. If you want to modify manager role click on Edit to change settings. Now you can able to modify the name, options to this role.




  1. Also you can change check options for each role as Role to view, role assignments, and Role switches under Define Roles.


  1. Assign system roles - Any roles you assign from this page will apply to the assigned users throughout the entire system, including the front page and all the courses.




  1. Check system permissions – This is the main option to view and set user permissions. So we can edit each user permissions and can see roles assigned for a user. For example, will check Rajasekhar user. See below images.



  1. Capability overview – using this option we can overview Role capabilities as the user is allowed or not. See images below.





  1. Like above, you can Add, modify delete Users, Roles, and Permissions within this Users section.