How to fill Work Hours tracker sheet


Hello Team, Below are the guidelines to fill out the Work Hours sheet as required and based on your working details.

On the tracking sheet, you may find three sheets inside as Payment, Leaves, and Month-Year (May-20). So we will use the Month-Year excel sheet to update Working hours details for each task or each day.

Following are the tabs/cells to update each task working hour’s details:

1. Task
Mention the task name you have completed or task given by Leads.

2. Task Type
Mention the task type as required based on the task you are doing. For example, If you are working for any particular site of ours or testing any other applications/software, mention the site name or application name.


  • -> BT
  • -> HT
  • -> PollyEverywhere
  • Typing images content into the doc -> Typing or Data Entry.

3. Start Date
Mention the date when you have started the work/task.

4. End Date
Mention the date when you have stopped or completed the work/task.

5. Hours
Mention the hours you worked on a particular task separately.

For example, if you have worked for 2 Hours completely mention as 2. But if you have worked for 1 Hour 30 Minutes or 1 Hour 15 Minutes or 2 Hours 33 Minutes, You need to calculate Time between START and STOP and then convert time to Hours(Decimal). To do that please download the Time to Hours(Decimal) Conversion Template and do the calculations by following Notes on the same sheet/template. Then update the Hours on the tracker for each task individually.

Kindly note, Prepared and shared this template to show accurate timings and hours for every task or work. So please use this doc and don't do round-off to minutes or hours(decimal).

If you have added any posts or notes on Then you need to mention the post link here.

7. Trello URL
Our leads will assign tasks here and that link we need to update here. If leads not created a task for you on Trello and they have shared tasks with you on WhatsApp, Gmail, then you need to create a Task for yourself on Trello and update the URL here.

For more details, you may refer to

Addition or Respected comments about tasks or works.

Example: Completed and sent mail, also uploaded a file in the RajUploads drive folder.

That’s all, fill out the details as required by following the above steps. Still, if you have any doubts, you can message/ask on BT: Administration WhatsApp group. So that team members will assist you.

Kindly note, Everyone needs to fill out the above steps for each task/work individually. And don't add details for the total day in a single row. You have to show hours and details for every Task/Work done by you individually in separate rows. Click Here to see Example Tracker.