Policy - Task Assignment and Completion


Task assignment and completion

  1. The task will be assigned in Trello, WhatsApp, or call.
  2. Estimate every task before starting. Like how much hours are expected. You may make mistakes initially, but that is how you learn. Estimation time will not be part of the actual work hours.
  3. Create a Trello task if not created through Trello. Ping the task URL in WhatsApp.
  4. Create a proposal document based on a local experiment, and send for approval. Reuse notes from BuddyTutorial.com as much as possible. Mention those links in the proposal document. Check if there is already a proposal document matching this request and reuse it unless there is any difference. If there is a similar proposal document, then mention that in a new document.
  5. Implement the proposal after approval.
  6. Create a document with the steps involved. Can convert the proposal doc with additional learning and details.
  7. Verify the change and document.
  8. Publish the document on the website.
  9. Close task and update in WhatsApp group.