Tips to add English notes


Hello Team, Following are the guidelines that you need to follow while adding/typing English notes.

  1. For every chapter you need to create three docs and chapter headings as below:
        a) Chapter Theory (Example: Nouns)
        b) Chapter Exercises (Example: Nouns Quiz/Exercises)
        c) Chapter Answers (Example: Nouns Answers
  2. Name the docs with respect to chapter number as below:
        a) 09-Nouns
        b) 09-NounsQuiz
        c) 09-NounsAnswers
  3. No need to format the doc as same as the image. But the text/content should be accurate and correct.
  4. No need to color the text as same as the image. You can make titles or sub-titles as Headings in the doc.
  5. You need to bold some text or words or single letters in words as same as in the image. Examples - simple present tensethem / carries.
  6. Starting letters should be capital for some Text or Words as same as the image. Example - Simple Present Tense.
  7. Don't miss quotation marks for some sentences or words. Example - "Mark plays with the ball" / Singular Pronouns 'I' and 'you'.
  8. Spacing - Give spaces for sentences as same as the image. Example - Examples: "He plays with the basketball". I have given space after Examples: as same as the image.
  9. Dot - For quotation sentences dot comes before the final quotation mark. Example - "The children play in the park.".
  10. Do not leave blank space in the doc. Just continue by giving 1 line break for paragraphs, sentences, images, pages.
  11. ( ) - Don't add parentheses in Exercises. Those are not needed as we only use these questions for online quizzes.