How to Clone Repositories?

Submitted by Rajasekhar on Sat, 11/10/2018 - 13:12
  1. We won’t always start the projects we work on from our own machines. To begin working on an existing repository, we can clone the repository using Git clone.
    • Get the URL of the repository you want to clone.
    • Clone it to your local machine.
    • Start working on your clone of the repo.
  2. Cloning copies an existing git repository, usually from the internet. Copy repository in it’s entirely to your local machine. Keeps track of the repository’s remotes. Creates a directory and copies the repository’s contents into it.
  3. git clone URL – To download repository from GitHub.
  4. ls –la → To show all files and folders including hidden.
  5. For example, See below screenshots as practical work.


  1. Now we can start making changes to this app repository as required.